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Originally Posted by Olkades1 View Post

I would like to start to take advantage of the next-gen storefront and multi-language support, but I know that some of the mods I made (script, css, etc) will stop working.
So, I would like to see what will be broken and will require fixing before I go full blown.

Can I turn ON next-gen store front to see what works and what broke and than back OFF until I fix all the broken functionalities?
Same would apply to Multi-Language support.

Also, is there a list of what is not supported by the next-gen storefront?


Hello Jocelyn,
My name is Anastasia, Ecwid Support. Thank you for contacting us!

Some custom CSS codes developed for a previous storefront layout may not work with Next-gen storefront as it has new HTML elements and new CSS selectors. There is no list of what is not supported by the next-gen storefront.

I'd suggest that you contact us at and let us know what scripts and CSS you currently use, we'll check them and advise on next steps.

You can also enable the new storefront layout to see how it works, if needed you can disable it in the Ecwid admin > Settings > What's New.

Thank you!
Best regards,
Anastasia E.
Ecwid Support Team