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Hi Luis,

I modified the code on my "Stores" page (which I renamed as "Products", just as an FYI!) to look like this:
ecwidMessages = {
"AddToBagWidget.product_added":"The product was added to your shopping cart",
"BreadCrumbs.your_bag":"Your shopping cart",
"Checkout.items_removed":"There were removed items in your cart, because they are temporarily unavailable. Please, check your cart\!",
"Checkout.items_unavailable":"Items in your cart are temporarily unavailable, cannot proceed\!",
"CheckoutServiceImpl.add_items":". Please add some more items to your cart.",
"CheckoutServiceImpl.remove_items":". Please remove items from your cart.",
"DnDLabel.drag_me":"Drag & Drop Me to the Cart",
"EmptyShoppingCartPanel.empty":"Your Shopping Cart is empty",
"Minicart.open_bag":"Open Cart",
"Minicart.out_of_stock":"The product is out of stock and cannot be put in the cart",
"Minicart.shopping_bag":"Shopping Cart",
"ProductBrowser.your_cart":"Your cart",
"ProductDetails.all_items_in_bag":"All items are in the cart",
"ProductDetails.in_bag":"\ in the cart",
"ProductDetails.In_bag":"In the Cart",
"ShoppingCart.open_bag":"Please open the cart and remove some products or go to checkout.",
"ShoppingCart.the_number_of_products_":"The number of different products in your cart",
"ShoppingCartView.clear":"Clear Cart",
"ShoppingCartView.shopping_bag":"Your Shopping Cart",
"TableProductsContainer.add_to_bag":"Add to Cart"

<!-- Ecwid code start v0.2. Please do not remove the line below otherwise your Ecwid shopping cart will not work. -->[ecwid_script] [ecwid_minicart] [ecwid_searchbox] [ecwid_categories] [ecwid_productbrowser]
<!-- Ecwid code end -->
Basically I just went to the Translate tool & searched for all references to "Bag", then changed them to "Cart", clicked Generate, then copied & pasted the results into my page above the existing "Ecwid code start" section as per instructions I found on the forum.

But alas I still have some rogue "Bag" text somewhere for this floating widget.

Hope this helps!

Anyone got any ideas around my problem? Please?