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Hi there,

Edward here, Ecwid Team.

I've already replied to your email inquiry regarding this issue. I will also copy my message below in case others face a simial problem with PayPal.

I've checked your Ecwid account settings, and everything seems to configured perfectly fine in your Ecwid store. Although, it's worth to note that your PayPal account should be configured correctly on the PayPal side as well. If you are able to accept payments directly via PayPal, then there should be no issues with accepting payments in your Ecwid store.

Also, make sure that you configured your PayPal account according to the steps in the following article:

When your customers try to pay with PayPal, Ecwid not involved in payments directly. We neither transfer money to you nor do we receive it from customers. We just transfer the data to PayPal, and the transactions are processed completely on the PayPal side.

I've also run several tests in your store and could successfully proceed to the PayPal checkout all those times. Please see the screencast:

Furthermore, I'd like mention that if you are to place a test order using your PayPal account connected to your Ecwid store, then you won't be able to do it. The point is that PayPal has self-payments restrictions, so you won't be able to place a test order in your Ecwid store using the PayPal account (or the credit card associated with this account) that you specify in Ecwid Control Panel -> Settings -> Payment -> Paypal settings.

In this case, please try to test your PayPal payment method with another credit card or another PayPal account.

Moreover, I've googled about this issue, and it seems that it's somewhat a popular issue with PayPal, which is related to some restrictions on the PayPal side.

As I understand, you have already registered a ticket in the PayPal system, I hope they will be able to resolve this one soon. You can find the various ways to contact the PayPal support team here:

I hope this helps.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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