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Alexandra with Ecwid team here. As I see, you've already contacted us with the similar question by email; I've just sent you a reply, please check your inbox. If you don't mind, I'm going to quote my reply below for other users as well.

Like you noticed, there are certain differences regarding features and pricing between Ecwid direct plans and Wix plans for Ecwid. You can compare the plans below:

Ecwid plans

Wix plans for Ecwid

Generally speaking, there are two types of accounts:

– Accounts that were registered directly at; subscriptions for such accounts are managed totally on our side.

– Accounts that were registered through our partners, site-builders and services such as Wix, Square and so on. They have their own billing system and their own plans with available features, and they may differ from Ecwid plans. Subscriptions for such accounts are managed by our partners, we don't have access to their billing records.

So Wix pricing can be applied only to Ecwid accounts registered through Wix. Your account (store ID 7005024) was registered directly at, thus you can choose among the plans available for direct Ecwid users, such as Free, Venture, Business and Unlimited plan.

Let us know if any other questions arise.
Alexandra Scully,
Ecwid Customer Care Team