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Lightbulb NEW APP: Social Proofs for your store! Create a sense of trust among your visitors!


We’re happy to present you our Ecwid app — Social proofs.

Every store owner faced with two main business tasks: how to attract visitors to the store and how to convert them into buyers. Social proofs handles the second one!

To turn visitor into customer, create a sense of trust in your store. People always would like to know what others bought. They'll say: "Hmm, this store has lots of customers. Good, I'll place an order here"!

Just 20% of all online stores use various social proofs. Be among those 20% who make 80% of sales!

Social Proofs displays key store metrics and recent purchases on your storefront.

Three main metrics that stores can get with Social proofs:
  • Conversion rate increase up to 14.51%
  • Visitors spend time on the site 1.5 times more
  • Average order check increased by 20%

Do you want to boost conversion and increase your sales sales for free?

See our demo store

Install with one click and get 2 weeks free trial

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