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Originally Posted by TroyH View Post
Hi Lana,

So I have an order that is -
Payment Status: Canceled
Order Fulfillment Status: Awaiting Processing

What has happened as far as inventory being pulled or not pulled?? And what happens when/if I delete the order.

I am still finding that inventory with product options if inaccurate.

Thanks for your help,

Hello Troy,
I am very sorry for keeping you waiting.

I inspected orders in your control panel and found out that the order with the Payment Status: "Canceled" and Fulfilment Status: "Awaiting Processing" has the following ID #1816.

Then I checked our log records and found out that this order was placed with the "DECLINED" payment status. At that the quantity in stock of the ordered products was not changed.

As Lana mentioned in the previous post, the item is considered as sold when the order has the Accepted or Queued payment statuses. In such cases the quantity in stock is reduced accordingly.

Please, let me know if you have further questions. I will be glad to help you.
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