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Originally Posted by TroyH View Post
I'm finding that inventory is not being kept accurate. Anyone have the same problem and what is causing it?? Also, when does ecwid take an item out of inventory? Is it only when the transaction is completed and accepted? Are unfinished sales items in limbo and pulled out of inventory. When an order that is not succesfully paid is deleted is the item(s) put back into inventory? I didn't see that this was true. Please any help is appreciated....Struggling with this because I do a count and then check the count a couple weeks later and its off by up to 6 items.


Ecwid tracks and updates inventory in real time: when an item is sold the corresponding product quantity is decreased. More details:
The item is considered as sold when the order is completed and has arrived in Ecwid in statuses Accepted or Queued. Unfinished sales are not taken into account. If you remove Accepted/Queued order or change the status to Canceled/Declined, the item is put back to the inventory (i.e. the quantity in stock is increased by one in Ecwid control panel>Catalog>Products>product page, 'Stock control').
If the product has unlimited number in stock, the inventory is not tracked since it's not needed. Still your customers can buy certain number of items and it's shown in the orders.

From your message, I understand you need help in finding out how inventory of some of your products has been counted. Please let me know the SKUs or names of these products. I'll look into the issue.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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