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Originally Posted by Thiago Henrique Andrade Sasaki da Silva View Post
Hello Charlie,

I tried configuring it manually but isn't accurate enough. And I don't have a website, for now I'm using Facebook as my store, so I think script isn't an option in this case, right? If I'm wrong, please, I'd like to know how many hours this will take, prices and so on.
My goal: use Japan Post to automatically calculate the shipping cost.

Thank you.

This is Stacy from Ecwid Customer Care team.

Thank you for your message!

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting for a reply. I'm here to help you with it.

The direct answer to your question is yes, you can use the script in your Facebook store. The customization will look like an app and it will affect all your storefronts including the Facebook store.

Please, mind that the API access is included in Ecwid paid plans only.

I've forwarded your request to our Customization team. They will email you shortly with details and a quote.

I hope this helps.

Happy holidays!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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