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Hi Cori,

Sorry for the delay.

Originally Posted by The Mod Cabin View Post
Thank you for your help, and for the update on the responsive version of Ecwid. In the meantime, is my suggestion of building a page for each product and creating my own products grid/table to link to each product a viable solution to the responsive issue?
Of course, you can create separate pages for your products and custom grid/table layout - but in this case you will still need to adjust that layout to the actual screen size. I mean the fact that it is a custom layout doesn't make it responsive automatically - if you put three items in a raw they will display three in raw even on a mobile device unless you add necessary CSS or Javascript for making it responsive.

You can also try this custom solution for your store (you are probably already aware of it):
It will require some custom programming though.

Please also refer to this detailed post about our plans with regards to responsive design:

Also, I believe you "liked" my product through the Ecwid Facebook button on the product, correct? I understand people are able to do that, however, I'm not able to post a link to my product using that function on our company facebook page. Only from our personal page, which is explained in the Ecwid knowledge base. Also, if someone just tries to copy and paste the address to a product and post a link to it on their facebook page that doesn't work, either. That's another reason I was considering making a page for each product using the single product widget.
It is not necessary to create separate product pages for making them 'likeable'. In fact, Ecwid already has everything for that:
1) FB like buttons on the product pages and on the product lists:
2) Other share buttons:
3) A tool for admin to share their products right from control panel to any page:

As to pasting your product URLs directly to Facebook, please find the details here:

I don't think it would be convenient though - using built-in Like buttons seems more convenient for me.
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