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Originally Posted by NanoTouch Materials View Post
I have the same problem. Tax zone determined by shipping address but sales tax disappears if I use PayPal Express. Works fine with regular Paypal.

I'll further look into the issue in your store and get back to you.

I've inspected your store. In particular, I've examined the details of order that was paid via PayPal Express Checkout. As far as I can see, the order details contain neither shipping nor billing address. Why it happened:
1. There is no billing address for that order in Ecwid backend, because Express Checkout doesn't return customer billing details, when this payment method is used. (This information should be available in the PayPal backend though)
2. There is no shipping address, because none of your products requires shipping, so Ecwid treats them as intangible ones and doesn't expect shipping address for an order. Here is the details:

As a result, the placed order doesn't have any address attached, hence no destinations zones, hence no tax rates. In order to fix that, I'd recommend enabling shipping for your products (as far as I understand, you products do require shipping, right?). This way Ecwid will save shipping address for orders placed via PayPal Express, thus tax rates will be properly calculated. If you want to offer free shipping for your products, you can simply create a 'free' shipping method in your store:

Please let us know if you have any question.
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