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Hi there!

I'm sorry you faced this issue! I'll be happy to help.
Originally Posted by Fernando Igor de Godoy View Post
I have the same problem. No zip code is accepted to buy in my store and everything is configured for shipping through Brazil.
I was able to reproduce the issue in your store: I chose delivery to Paraná with the 80010040 ZIP code and got a message saying "Sorry, we do not ship to this location". Then I checked our internal records to find out why Brazil Correios didn't return any shipping rates and found out that it couldn't return rates due to the following errors:
  • A largura não pode ser inferior a 11 cm.
  • O comprimento não pode ser inferior a 16 cm.

In English that would be:
  • The width cannot be less than 11 cm.
  • The length cannot be less than 16 cm.

As you know, in Ecwid you can specify the default package size which will be sent to a carrier for shipping rates calculations. I checked the ones you specified in your store for Brazil Correios and it turned out the width and length are less than they should be: 10 and 13 centimetres instead of 11 and 16 centimetres required by Brazil Correios.

To make sure this is the reason for not getting shipping rates, I copied your settings to my own store, reproduced the issue in my store too, and then changed the width and length to the required values. After updating their values, my store started getting shipping rates for SEDEX and PAC just fine.

To sum up all the above, to solve the issue in your store, you need to update the default package size you specified in the Ecwid Control Panel → Shipping & Pickup → Shipping → Brazil Correios. Instead of 13 x 10 x 12 centimetres go for length, width, and height correspondingly, go with 16 x 11 x 12 centimetres.

I hope this helps!
Cyril D.
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