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Originally Posted by Brady Harness View Post
Products for Sale?

First off can a person very little Tech Knowledge achieve success with this Program?

Where does one find Products to sell?

Brady C. Harness
Hello Brady,

thank you for contacting us! Ecwid is a an eCommerce widget that allows to open an online store and start selling products or goods, that you manufacture or resell in the web. You don't need to be a professional programmer to open the store with Ecwid, because our widget was created to help merchants who have no special skills in coding and programming, who have just started their business to open their first online store.

One of key features of Ecwid is that it can be embedded into any existing website, blog or social page. For example, you can easily add Ecwid store to your Facebook page, it will take you 5-6 minutes at that. Read more about how Ecwid works here: How Ecwid works

Please, note, we do not manufacture and provide any products, we provide a tool to create online stores. Here you can check an example of a store that you can create using Ecwid:

If you are new to Ecwid, read our guide for new users here Also, you can find a lot of useful information about setting up and promoting your store in our Help Center.

I hope, this helps. If you face any difficulties with setting up your Ecwid store, you can ask for advice here, we are glad to help you. Please, feel free to ask!
Daria L.
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