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Originally Posted by La Crosse Area H.O.G. View Post
I have multiple stores running on a single PayPal account.

What I am looking to do is have ecwid attach some kind of identifier unique to a given stores transactions. For example, if I have a store called ABC Widgets and one called XYZ Widgets, I need to have the store name attached to the paypal transaction report.

That way, when I run a report on paypal, I can group the transactions from each individual store together.

How can I do this?

Sorry for the delay with the reply. As I understand, you use one PayPal account in several Ecwid stores. And your desire is to modify payment transaction reports that PayPal sends to you and add there information from which store this transaction has arrived. Let me clarify several points over here. When customer’s buying from you and pay via PayPal, Ecwid sends the information about this order to PayPal. Then PayPal processes this data and forms a transaction receipt. So it’s PayPal that decides what information will be displayed on those receipts. Basically PayPal should “know” from what site the payment came, hence your PayPal receipts may contain this information. I’d suggest you reach out to the PayPal support to learn how you can get information that you need.

By the way, if you’re running your storefronts using one Ecwid account, you can track from which store orders are coming, more details in this article: How do I know which storefront an order came from