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Originally Posted by Michal Spak View Post
Hello guys!
I made another record and added the store id to Ecwid's general settings in wordpress. I ought to have all the default items on my customer facing facade, yet there is something different there. A store that appears to have just been made. I might want to begin sans preparation.

this is the retail facade that shows up in the wake of clicking customer facing facade in the general settings

also, this is the retail facade on my store id account

the store id is set to 2973095 on wordpress and in my ecwid account

The store id in wordpress matches the store id in my ecwid account, yet the retail facade does not.

For what reason this happens?
Hi Michal!

This is Kenga from Ecwid team. Thanks for your message.

I checked this link As I see, there is no Ecwid store there. Screenshot:

1) Make sure you added your Ecwid store on the page you need. Follow this instruction:

2) Republish the site.
3) Send us the link to the page with Ecwid store so we could see the content and get back to you with the recommendations.

Feel free to get in touch with us again, in case further support is needed.

Ecwid team