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Default Problem with single product widget and Wordpress page


I've decided to create an individual wordpress page for each of my products and I'm having trouble with the single product widget displaying properly. There are three main reasons that I'm doing this.

1. Even though I've installed the Ecwid plugin in Wordpress weeks ago, it doesn't appear that my items show up in searches, even when I search for my exact product title and store title together.

2. The product browser widget is not responsive and does not display correctly on tablets and phones.

3. When linking to a product on a social media site (namely Facebook), it's unable to load the product photo, or to even link directly to the product. People who click on the link are taken to the category.

Please advise me if the single product widget installed on it's own page will solve these problems. My other blog pages seemed to be indexed by google quickly. Also, I believe this solution will allow me to build a table for the products on the main page that will be responsive to various sized displays, and should be easily linked to on social media sites. Please let me know if this is a good solution to the problems I listed.

If so, I'll need help with the single product widget. I've attempted to place one product on it's on page but the widget isn't displaying properly. The border that is supposed to be around the widget is below the product and the buy now buttons. You can take a look at it here:

I appreciate all your help! Thank you