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Hello, Jonathan.

Thank you for contacting Ecwid customer care!

Unfortunately, there is no out of the box feature to tax only shipping in Ecwid.

There are several workarounds to this:

Handling fee

I see, that your shipping costs 8.5 pounds. You can set up a handling fee, which will be applied per order in the amount of 1.7 pounds. To set it up, you need to go to your Control Panel > Settings > Shipping & Pickup > Scroll down for a bit to see the Handling Fee set up field. You can name it "Shipping Tax". See the screenshot:

Handling fee is a feature, that is available on paid plans. Please, see the article on the feature:

Add on your tax to shipping

If you don't need to separate shipping tax from shipping charges, you can just add on 20% to your shipping. And rename the shipping method "Shipping + 20% TAX".

Customisation service

At this particular moment I see only one way of getting this done right away, which is a custom script solution, created with the help of our Shipping API and JavaScript API. So, if you have a developer at hand, you can supply them with these docs for them to code it for you.

If you need assistance with this, our Customization Team will be happy to help you for an extra fee. If you are interested, please fill out this form: they will get back to you with the details.

Hope, this helps.
Ecwid Customer Care Team