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Originally Posted by Mohammad Abdolla View Post
Hi Team,

I don't understand why such a beautiful platform as ecwid with its massive connectivity with Facebook don't add the single most important option for FB ads which is conversion tracking?!

Seems the only option is to add the pixel in carts section which is not much of a use. Mose advertisers use website custom audience and target people who visited the website without buying?

Is there any solution for this??

Best regards,

Ecwid Customer Care team. Sorry for the delay with reply!

Thank you very much for the feedback on this.

We know that it would be great to have a full spec integration with Facebook pixel and we have this feature on our roadmap. There's not ETA at the moment, though.

For now Facebook pixel can be added to the "Thank you" page as you mentioned, to track completed purchases.

When the full integration comes up, we will let you know.
Roman I.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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