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Originally Posted by DSTC View Post
Originally you were able to view 100 products on a page and as of late it has been changed to 30. Is there any way to fix this and get the viewing back up to 100 or is it now defaulted to 30? I am still able to see 100 products in the categories page where you are able to edit the products but not on the published webpage. Could someone assist with help me figure this out? Thank You
Hello DSTC!

This is Kenga from Ecwid team. Thanks for your message.

To give you our help and recommendations we need to get more details on the issue. So we'd appreciate your assistance:

- How did you add Ecwid store on your website? With the help of the integration code or a plugin or extension?
- If you added your store via the plugin (or extension) do you see any option to control the number of the products on the page in the plugin settings?
- Send us the link to your published site with Ecwid. What is the link to the category page with 30 products shown per page?
- Send us the screenshot of your site editor page where you see 100 products per page

Feel free to send the details directly to our contact form:

If you have any questions left, feel free to write back. We are always glad to help.

Ecwid team