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Originally Posted by kidtoc View Post
In the eGoods Online store I would like to know how to stop the following from happening.

1. In my online store page I have an intro copy on the top above the product choices. ( see link)

2. I don't want that copy from the lessons.php product choice page to follow to the actual product page ( click on any of the books and the copy from the previous page continues into the actual product page) I only want the copy to show up on link #1.!/...=0&id=14041363

How can I stop the copy from following from the online store page to the actual product page.

You have put some rich formatted description into the store page on your site above the Ecwid widget. Hence it is always displayed, no matter which state the shop widget takes.

In order to show that description only above the product listings and not anywhere else, please take that description out of that page and put it into the category description inside your Ecwid catalog instead. This way it will only be displayed above the product listings in the category, but on the product details pages and further it will not be visible.