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Originally Posted by Kyle Graham View Post
Hi, my page currently has 1 product, and in the meantime this is all I want. How do I turn off the other pages, so when I access the store, it goes directly to that 1 Product page where you can then select different colors, etc, for that product?

Hello Kyle,

It is totally possible to direct your customers on separate product detail page in Wix this way:

1. Go to your store > category > product page and copy this product page URL
2. Create some button in your store, place it in the head of your Wix site and name it “Box of Coal” for example.
3. Set up this button to link to your product page
4. Hide “Store” menu item.
5. Save the changes.

That is all. Clicking on separate button in the head of your site your customers will be able to access directly on the product page where they could choose different colors, options, etc for this product.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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