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Default After removing sign in capabilities now receiving error at checkout

After removing the customer sign in capabilities....when my customers go to checkout and input their info, when they click the submit button, it gives them an error stating they must complete the highlighted area...only there is no highlighted area on the page....I am wondering if it wasn't from the store sign in that I removed using this code

div.ecwid-productBrowser-auth {
display: none;
table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle button, div.ecwid-Checkout-PasswordBlock {
div.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle button.gwt-Button{
display: none;

After looking at my store checkout....I want to keep the email address input but I think the code I used took out the password box which is what the verification is looking for when the submit button is clicked....I don't want the password.

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