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Edward here, Ecwid Team. Thank you for the message.

As of now, there's now way to connect the members of Ecwid Store and Wix website.

You are correct that, in general, it's quite easy to implement this kind of feature using the Single-Sign-On documentation, however, it's not possible to do with Wix-based websites.

The reason why it's yet to be implemented is the structure of Wix websites. Wix websites' backend consists of IFrame containers. Generally speaking, IFrame creates separate independent segments on each page. As a result, your Ecwid store is placed in the separate from other Wix elements segment. Moreover, as you mentioned, you are not able to access the backend of Wix websites, so there's no way to add this feature manually as well.

This structure doesn't allow us to add the single-sign-on option to the Wix plugin from a technical view.

As both Wix and Ecwid develop and improve, this feature might be possible in the future, however, as of now, no ETA can be provided.

I hope this information will be helpful.

If you have any questions — feel free to ask.
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