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Default Connect Wix site members with the ECWID store sign in

I have ECWID store into my Wix site, which is protected with a member login.
I need to connect the store's login with the site's login, so my customers wouldn't have to "login" twice

Is there a way to connect the members? I have read the below thread but was wondering if this was updated?

It is possible to synchronize profiles between site and Ecwid store with help of Single Sign-on API. This article provides more information on that matter:

Ecwid plugins for Joomla and Wordpress sites include Single Sign On functionality. To my regret for now it cannot be achieved with Ecwid stores on Wix sites, sorry. You see, this requires some development and therefore an access website’s code, which is closed on Wix.

We are permanently working on improving our app for Wix, so we’ll consider adding the single sign-on functionality into the app.