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Originally Posted by Adorha View Post

Thanks for a prompt response.

So for the final and critical question:

OK, the code needs to be edited.

However, for the Online Store module (in Parallells Presence web builder, supplied by Crystone Web service provider), the source code is not available to edit directly. It refers to edit the Online Store module on Ecwid's website instead (where CSS etc. are editable).

How is the source code accessible on Ecwid?


Additional code can be added to your site via special module ‘Script’. Basically there are two ways to embed Ecwid in Parallels:

- You can use "Online Store" module in "Modules" to integrate Ecwid in your Parallels site.
- Ecwid can be installed with help of that "Script" module in Web Presence Builder backend.

Both methods are described in this article:

As far as I can see now you use both these methods:

- You have integrated Ecwid using "Online Store" module.
- Also you have embedded additional “Shopping bag” widget using Script" module.

Hence you can set view options for your store, i.e. number of categories in row in your "Online Store" module in "Modules" tab in Parallels backend.

And you should delete this part of the code in the "Script" module in Web Presence Builder to hide the shopping bag icon that you have marked on your screenshot:

<script type="text/javascript">try{ xMinicart("style=","layout=MiniAttachToProductBrowser"); } catch(e){} </script>
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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