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I also fixed the problem that the popup partially disappears under my navigation menu simply by re-arranging the layers. Now I got a neat popup infront of everything which greys-out the shop/background when active and still doesn't block the users vision because it stays on the position where the "to the cart"-button was pressed. Once the product has been put into the cart, the popup disappears.

So for those who have a shop-layout and only want to use ecwid as a shoopingCART+payment-thingy, this is how I did it:

1) make space in your layout for the "to-cart" button and make a custom design if needed (just upload a picture on an image hoster and put the hotlink into the CSS - this worked fine for me. Remember to adjust min-height and min-width depending on your image size)
2) embed single product -> JUST THE BUTTON (you gotta do this for every product)
3) once you have the button, place it where you want
4) click on the button in the preview to make the popup appear
5) using inspect-tools from your browsers, change the font/style to what suits your design
6) IMPORTANT: since you don't want visitors to go to the ecwid productbrowser but to YOUR design, delete all the links by going "display:none;" on each one/all together (NOTE: If you still want to keep the log-in feature, this step might take a little longer. I have not done this so I don't know how well one can do that). Basic goal of this step: Prevent the user from getting back to the standard product-browser which would also be displayed in the pop-up.
7) OPTIONAL: arrange the layout of the detailed-product view so it looks the way you want

There you have it. That is basicly how I've done it. If you have problems with the popup disappearing behind content, try arranging the layers with z-index or have the popup in a position:fixed.

The Shop I am working on right now which uses this way of implementation can be found here: http://davidshoptest.businesscatalys...C3%A4nner.html (Site may change from time to time though).
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