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Originally Posted by Kai Czauderna View Post

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I thought you would say something like that. It's quite unfortunate. But as a German saying goes "Problems make people creative", I kinda figuered another way of implementing the ecwidshop on the page using the old layout/design. Right now ecwid is more or less just the shopping card and the detail product view - everything wrapped in the standard popup ecwid provides when hitting the "shop now" button outside of the browser. I removed all the links that would bring the user back to the product browser to keep the popup just that. So it kinda works as intended and looks pretty nice and although it is not the way I wanted it in the first place I have to say, it might be better the way it is now. We plan on upgrading soon so that I can implement all the products.

Well, our JavaScript API could be used with single product widget as well, and as in this case it shouldn't be executed immediately, simply adding a delay would be a relatively "safe" workaround.

Yet, the workaround that you implemented is great, thank you very much for sharing this on the forum!
Hopefully, it could help someone else with similar issue.