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Wow, it only took screaming from the mountain top for the past 16 hours to get your attention on this! Whatever the outcome, for me and my business this is huge fail for Ecwid. Mainly in that I noticed this problem and was trying to get someones attention on it 16 hours ago!!! In my store, missing even one sale could mean $1000 dollars in sales! So, out of this if I am going to remain as a customer and continue putting lots of work into my store I am surely going to need some very strong reassurance that this is either a VERY isolated incident AND / OR that this now has made your team aware YOU NEED 24 HOUR TECH SUPPORT! I was trying every means possible last night to reach out for support and the response I got was your reply at 4am EST. I am not sure how many customers you have here in America, but our peak internet shopping traffic seems to be when your support team is NOT available for help - 3pm - 11pm PST / 6pm - 2am EST.

Thanks for understanding and I hope whatever is happening over there is easy and quick to fix and will make Ecwid bullet proof for ever and ever. ;-)