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Default What should I do?

Originally Posted by qetzal View Post
The FedEx API which Ecwid currently supports has a weight limit. So if you try to get rates for a big product, FedEx server will return nothing.

If you want to get real-time live rates for big products, FedEx Freight API should be used. Ecwid doesn't support it yet, so please create a new idea at
So, I've invested quite a bit of time into getting my client on board with using this cart, I investigated everything I could think of when looking at your cart and now I find out it can't ship freight even though freight is an option in the cart. If you guys don't offer support for FedEx freight currently, can you think of a work around option until you do? Do you support Freight with UPS? If you do I'll switch and use them as the preferred form of shipping??? Perhaps setting up custom regions with set shipping prices for certain weights? Does paypal support real time shipping quotes through fedex? If so I could possibly use Paypal on checkout? I really don't want to abandon Ecwid