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Originally Posted by Portland Aquarium View Post
I badly need the ability to have my discount coupons set at $s off and have every eligible product in the cart get the $s off. Currently Ecwid only allows discounting in the cart of the $s off eligible on one product.

So if the customer purchased 3 tickets for example, and they all are eligible for $1 off with a discount code, then the customer would get $3 off. Currently Ecwid will only take $1 off.

This has screwed up all my current advertising and I have had to go to a less clean % off. Here is what one of my advertisers has said about it:

We are not fond of percentages unless they are easy math because consumers typically don’t like percentages. 50% off is a super easy one because the math is a natural – “oh I get to take half off”. 30% off, not so easy.

We also suspect your redemptions will go down if we swap to a percentage.

Thank you for contacting us.

In Ecwid you can create discount coupons with multiple settings, such as:
- absolute discount for the whole order
- percentage based discount for the whole order
- coupon for a free shipping
- or a variation of the above: discount + free shipping

As I can see, you would like to have a discount for a specific product, rather than for the whole order - at the moment it is only possible to have a discount coupon which applies for a whole order without any limits, or, for example, if a specific product is added to the cart.

In your case, I can suggest you use a percentage type discount for the whole order or use bulk discount functionality. Bulk discounts allow you to specify a price for a product when it is added to cart multiple times.

So for example, a customer buys a 4 items of a product in your store and each of those items are purchased at a lower price, if you enable bulk discount pricing. So this way, customers can save money by purchasing multiple items of the same product.

You can learn more about the bulk discount pricing feature here:

And more on discount coupons:
Thank you.
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