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Default Single Product Widget: strictly align left


I am using the single product widget aka "Buy Now Button" on my website and I need the elements inside the widget to be strictly aligned left (so that everything fits with the rest of the page).
When I use the code as-is, it seems like the elements are not left-aligned at all, but actually center-aligned - even though I did not check the center-horizontally option.

I have tried to inspect the elements inside the widget with Google Chrome and I tried both "float:left" and "margin-left: 0px" as well as "margin-left: -30px" (and other numbers), but it either doesn't work at all or the elements are not exactly aligned.

I would really really appreciate some help with this, as I'm out of ideas right now. There must be some easy way to achieve this, as left-aligned is usually the default anyway (afaik).

I only use "options", "quantity selection" and the "buy now button" - no image, no price or anything else - so I would only need the CSS code for those 3 things.
I hope someone around here knows how to get this working Thanks in advance!