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Originally Posted by michelaerts View Post
I have a similar issue: running IDEVAFFILIATE 7 with ECWID. Visits are tracked properly but not sales, therefore, no commissions to my affiliates. The only instructions is to allow general pixel and to place the following code in ECWID Thanks page: <script type="text/javascript">
var image;
image = window.document.createElement('img');
img.src =
" idev_ordernum=%order_id
I have NO idea what to do: IDEVAFFILIATE support just say: this is an ECWID issue, IDEVAFFILIATE is fine.... I have dozens of affiliates waiting... HELP HELP

Basically, the affiliate code on the tracking page does the following: when the order confirmation page opens, the javascript code you placed there executes. That is actually it - the code is executed as is, Ecwid doesn't check if the placed code is correct or contain necessary data. So, in order to troubleshoot the issue you faced, the following measures will need to be taken:
1) Verify the code is correct.
If there is a syntax error in the code itself, it will produce an error in customer browser and the necessary data will unlikely reach the iDev servers.
2) Verify that nothing prevents the code from executing on your site.
Since Ecwid store is integrated and acts like a part of your site, its functionality could be affected by your site functionality, so you will need to check whether the code at all executes.
3) Check whether the thank you page is reached by your customers at checkout.
As I mentioned above, the thank you for your order page at the end of checkout process is actually the trigger that makes the code execute. So, it is important to make sure your customers reach that page.

Let's start with the step #1. I've checked the code and it seems like it contains an error. Here, the code is wrapped into two lines:
 img.src = 
As far as I understand, it should be a single line, so the line break after the 'order_id' should be removed. Please do it and check whether the code works fine.

As to the second step, I'll be glad to help you with it. If you don't mind, I'll place a test order on your site and look into the script behavior. Please let me know if it's needed.

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