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In the display of my store, my root categories and main subcategories show. However, to see any sub-subcategories, I must hover over the main subcategories. Is there a way to make links to these sub-subcategories, other than the hover system? Whether it's similar to the system that's already in place for the root categories and subcategories (almost like little tabs) or simply hyperlinks, I need to be able to click something rather than hover, especially for anyone who might be accessing my website on a phone. It's difficult to navigate, since my root category/subcategory system works like a database.

Here's a link to my store, which should hopefully do a better job showing you what I'm aiming for.

Thanks ahead of time.

Does anyone have any information on this just yet? Thanks again.

Sorry for the delayed answer!
I suggest you to use special script that allows to redirect customer to any custom page, like the subcategory page, when category link is clicked. Please refer to this article for details:

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