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Originally Posted by Jon394 View Post

currently im trying my wix webshop and testing the payments.
Unfortunately it still doesn't work and I get the error:

We zijn helaas niet in staat uw bestelling te verwerken en op te slaan, De betalingsservice reageerde met fout 'This account does not exist or is suspended.'. Het lijkt erop dat de betalingsgateway niet correct is ingesteld. Neem contact op met de winkelbeheerder om dit probleem op te lossen.

Everything is in test mode, I inserted the Mollie test API, and added it in Ecwid as test mode.

Any solutions?

Kind regards
Hi Jon394!

Thanks for contacting Ecwid Support team.

Can you please further explain where do you see that error? What is URL of the page where you see it? Please provide a screenshot if possible.

Most probably, this error is caused by misconfiguration of the payment method. The error message you saw was generated by iDeal — it responded with that error to the payment request from your store and the account it referred to is your iDeal merchant account. It seems like there is some issue with your iDeal account or you put the wrong ID in the payment method settings in your Ecwid control panel. Please make sure it's correct, and if the error still appears, please contact iDeal support on this matter - they should be able to check your account and advise how to fix it.

Please, check our article about iDEAL(Mollie) —

Thank you.

Ecwid team