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Originally Posted by Lanna View Post
Thank you for clarifying. Ecwid doesn't have anything to adjust printer settings. Let me explain how it works from inside.
Ecwid control panel is in fact just a web page. An invoice printed from the control panel is also a web page. Here is what exactly happens when you print out the invoices:
- When you click 'print invoice' Ecwid generates a special web page (which is not visible to users). This page contains the invoice in HTML format: heading, paragraphs, tables and the company logo image.
- Ecwid then tells browser, "Please print this page".
- This command is passed over to the browser which initiates the printing. In most cases it sends a set of commands describing this document visually to the printer's driver for printing.
So, when you print out from a web site, for security reasons browsers don't allow the site to anyhow connect to your printer interface. Instead the browser is a go-between the site and the printer: Browser turns the HTML markup of the page into the exact commands for the printer to reproduce the document on the paper.
Technically printing Ecwid invoices or any page from Ecwid control panel or any other web page - there's one and the same procedure described above.

If the documents start printing differently, the problem can be:
a) in how Ecwid "generates" the invoice: in this case the large fonts would be saved in invoice pdf file already
b) in how browser "renders" this invoice. But as long as you've tested in different browsers, it's definitely not the case.
c) that there's something wrong with the printer setup.

How we can check it:
- To view how invoices are saved in PDF files. Can you save an order invoice into pdf file and send it to me?
- Next, please try printing any other documents, from another website, to the same printer.

Look forward to hearing from you.
What was the outcome from this? My invoices now print on 3 pages and pages 2&3 are filled with amber coloured squares.
I have tested several different sites with this printer and with Adobe output and they print ok. This issue only happens with ecwid invoices.