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I have a question, can I print my ECWID invoices to ZEBRA Thermal printer size 4x6 page size? if so how can I set that up or may be use some 3rd party app for that?
Thank you

Thank you for your post.
If I understand you correctly, you want to print 4x6 sized invoice, right?
Please let me suggest you possible solutions for you.

1)You can print invoices by yourself. Just create a special place, where you’ll keep your invoices (e.g. special folder on your computer). From there you can send them to print. There may be some official software from “ZEBRA Technologies” that will allow you to print different sized invoices. You may find appropriate software here:

2)You can integrate your Ecwid store with 'ZEBRA Technologies' and print invoices automatically. Such solution will require custom programming though. If you need assistance with developing such solution for your store you can hire professionals to help you. We recommend you to contact our friends from ‘Qualiteam’. Here is their website and email:,

If you have any questions, feel free to use our forum.
Have a nice day!