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Originally Posted by undefined10988 View Post
I would like to know if a customer can add an alternate customer email address to receive our order notification or any other notification from us

Thank you for contacting us.

As WookYouLike correctly stated, the customer can only have one email address specified for receiving the email notifications to.

However, as a workaround I would suggest the following:
1. Enable the 'Send a copy of customer notifications to admin' in Ecwid control panel > Settings > Mail
2. For your customers, enable the order comments field in Ecwid control panel > Settings > General > Cart > Order Comments

Or you can use other methods of receiving additional info from your customers.

So the workflow will be like this:
1. Customer makes an order and specifies additional email address in the corresponding field
2. When you receive a copy of a customer notification from Ecwid, you will forward it manually to the other email address, that customer specified.

Alternatively, the customer can forward the email notifications themselves upon receiving them.
Thank you.
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