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Hi people!

I have a product with 3 options.

-Option 1 (Level) has a further 2 selections <radio buttons>:

-Option 2 (Service) has a further 3 selections <radio buttons>:

-Option 3 (Number) is a text field and a required option.

What I am trying to find out is that if a customer selects 'A' from option 1, then can I have a different price for 'Alpha', than when a customer selects 'B' from option 1?

Also, is it possible to have a price for option 3? The price being the number the customer enters in the text field multiplied by 4?

Any help will be appreciated. We're on the brink of upgrading Ecwid, just these things have to be clear.



Researched around the forums and the answer to question 1 is yes. Option variations allow you to have prices for each variation, as if it were a different product

However, I would still like to know whether a price can be given to a text field. Can I create prices for number ranges, like 1-100 = $10 ; 101-200 = $20 and so on... so that say someone types 155 in the text field, a price of $20 is added automatically?

Help will be greatly appreciated.

Do you guys ever even reply or is this forum here for show? Very poor service from Ecwid's part considering we want to upgrade asap, but need our questions answered.

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