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Default Slowly responsive font

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Hello guys, firstly, thank you so much for ecwid platform. I true its simplicity. However I came into few detials that are bothering me a bit.

1 - I changed title font in CSS - now it's set up for "Gruppo" font. Bbut when I reload the mainpage, there is old font visible for 1 second until it switchs to Gruppo font So I see some delay in responsive side of page. It there a way to prevent this?

2 - When sharing shop using Share button in the upper right corner, a FB pop up sharing window appears (so far so good), but I cannot edit the content of FB post. FB is taking info from the website for preview and I would like to edit this so that once someone shares my shop, people will see a great description, title etc on FB post.

3 - on mobile device, the Gruppo font is not support at all. The font looks like Times New Roman

Thank you so much

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