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Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for your reply! I know the existing options like Shipstation, the issue with them is that they address mainly the US based market and the carriers are mainly from there. In Europe we have just a few of these, like FedEx, DHL.. that charge much more, specially for small businesses. That's why SendCloud is a perfect option because they integrate many European shipping services, Post NL, DPD and so on that are way more cheaper and I for example already use them, and I'm sure there are many others that rely on them for shipping. For example same package costs me 12 euro with Post NL while Fed Ex or DHL is around 34 euro at my current volumes.
Not to mention that SendCloud doesn't charge monthly fees like the others, which is a big plus.

Hope you'll have a look at it and integrate it as European sellers need some better local options.
If you contact SendCloud and give them a push they might even do it themselves as Ecwid has a big customer pool.