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Originally Posted by FindTix View Post
How can we help you?

Please provide the link to your storefront
Store Front

I currently accept payments through Paypal, Square and Stripe. All three include a link to the specific order under "Additional Information". These will direct to the payments processors site so I can review, or refund the payment for that specific order. However the Paypal link does not link correctly. I have a Paypal business account.
For example: Transaction ID BPPPE9F0B2B3 links to:

However, this links to my standard Paypal and not Paypal Manager. The standard Paypal has a different Transaction ID for the same transaction than the Paypal Manager. This Transaction ID is pulled from the Paypal Manager.

How can I have this link correctly? Is this an issue through Paypal or a glitch that Ecwid needs to correct?

This is Wendy with Ecwid team. Thanks a lot for bringing this issue to our attention!

Our engineers will look into this issue. Could you give me some more details, please?

1. Several order IDs with the incorrect PayPal link;
2. An example of the correct link.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to receiving your reply!
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