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Ecwid is totally capable both of handling a large number of categories and of tailoring the display to your needs so you can always adjust the display to conform with your site.

One of the most advanced Ecwid-based shops at features custom-built category menus that display multiples of available product categories in a compact and appealing view. You can use one of hundreds of dynamic menu scripts along with our Product API to get the lists of the directories dynamically and build the menu that could fit the frame on your Wix-based site without scrolling.

The Prodcust API in Ecwid v.7.0 supports JSONP format and hence can be requested from JavaScript. To get a JSONP response from API you need to include 'callback' parameter in your request.

If you need a qualified help in building such menu, our colleagues from Qualiteam can offer their development services for you. Contact if you are interested.