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Originally Posted by alfalfa View Post
Hello there!

I have some issue setting my product variations... My store keep showing some options that doesn't exist. Here my variations:

Men: Small / Medium / XL
Women: XS / Small / Medium

In the front end of the store I can select the product "Men XS". Even if I delete this specific variation...

Tell me if you guys had this issue before


Every product variation in Ecwid is a set of options. If you, e.g. have option ‘SIZE’ with selections XS, SMALL, MEDIUM, XL and option ‘SEX’ with selections MEN, WOMEN, customers will be able to choose any variant of any option (e.g. MEN, XS) even if you don’t create such variation.
On the other hand, you can easily prevent your customers from making orders, if you haven’t created such variation. You should set the base product as ‘out of stock’ (Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Product Page -> ‘General’ tab -> Stock Control). Thus your customer will be able to buy products only with variations you’ve created, in other cases the product will be considered as ‘out of stock’ and ‘add to bag’ button will not be displayed for such set of options.

I believe this is your case. If not, please, send me title and link to the product you are talking about.

Another workaround here is to hide options that don’t have variations with a custom script. Please, refer to this thread where this solution was discussed: