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Cool Rental or Booking App on the way?

Dear devs, dear ECWID Team

digging around in the forum i found several posts discussing the possiblity to set up a rental or booking option for products in a ECWID store. Although there is a Date Picker, there is no real Inventory Tracking etc., that a true rental software must support.

Eugene pointed out, that this is a very different and complex function and that obviously cant be supported by a ECWID itself. My conclusion: much more realistic would be a third party integration over an App. There were already poping up such opportunities for close competitors (eg. Book That App).

I dont expect to get an buy-and-rent-onlinestore-CMS by tomorrow, our first step is a casual buying-store as ECWID can provide it now. But automating the booking process is a long term goal and a crucial criteria for our decision for a ecommerce solution now. So: Is there something going on at the API-Front in this direction?

Any hint will be highly appreciated. For confidential rumors, dont hesitate to contact me directly by mail. I would also volunteer as a beta tester 8-|