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Smile happy to find Ecwid

Hi, I me and my wife are starting a new venture and we are really very motivated; but because our small budget almost everything its made by us, including all the web stuff (knowing and not knowing). I tried many many e-commerce solutions but most of them was to difficult to me until I find Ecwid and we are very happy with it.

We have build our web store just the way we have it in our mind, all works fluid and simple; the learning curve has been very fast and today I realized that I signed for ecwid exactly 1 month today and we have almost our store ready. Every doubt we have we find solution in the forum so till today I post something here cause we have no need to ask something to reach the point we are.

Now we have our store almost done in free account, we are thinking to pass to premium services, is a good thing about software that lets you try it well before purchase it, ecwid did the job.

So, thanks for the ecwid team, you did this work for all the people like us. We are going to be around.