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Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
Hi all,
I was looking at having some products in my store with free delivery so I selected the free shipping option on the product page.
However, it seems that unlike the other shipping option which throws up a 'sorry we don't ship to this location' message when somebody tries to order to a zone I don't ship to, the free shipping option seems to let it through.
Is there anyway to stop this or restrict the free shipping setting to a certain zone?

I was going to create a new 'Free Delivery' shipping method, then realised the option would appear on all orders rather than just the selected products.


It's Pixie from Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

Sure, you can offer free shipping for purchasing certain products within a certain destination zone. I'll explain that in more details. Please follow this instruction:

* Go to Ecwid Control Panel > Shipping & Pickup > Zones and create the necessary zone.

Here is an article about adding and managing destination zones:

* After that, go to the Shipping tab > Add Shipping Method > Set up Free Shipping.

Configure the shipping method and add the created zone to it.

Here is an article about creating Free shipping:

* Then go to Catalog > Products > Edit Product > Tax & Shipping > Specify shipping methods for this product and choose the created Free shipping method for this product.

Here is an article about product specific shipping rates:

Thus, customers from certain zones will get free shipping for certain products only.

If you have any further questions, please ask.