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Default Separate Quantities Per Option?

UPDATE: I think I came up with a solution using ecwid. I just disabled the "open bag when add to "add to bag" is clicked". seems to do pretty much what I was talking about.


I love ecwid and would really like to use it for a customers project that I am working on.

It's a photography website. I am having trouble getting the exact features I need via ecwid.

I need a number of options per product for example: sell 1 photo in multiple sizes. e.g. 8X10, 10X16, 11X14.

I realize that ecwid has that capability, but I need the customer to be able to choose more than one of those otpions per photo and also the quantity.

e.g. a customer wants to buy the photo: two 10X16's and three 11X14's and two 8X10's.

That seems like the customer would be forced to choose one size at a time, then go back and select the other size, then go back and select the other size, rather then just selecting everything they want upfront, then going to checkout?

I saw the "variations" feature and that didn't seem to do this either.

I know that there is shopping cart software that does exactly what I need here:

But, I prefer ecwid and didn't know if there was a workaround? Thank you!

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