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Originally Posted by Marcus Pryde View Post
I want to make a "weekend delivery" option, but I only want it to be available during a certain time. Is that even possible?

Thank you
Hello, Marcus!

Thanks for contacting us!

Well, the easiest way to achieve what you want is creating a new shipping method and setting up the desired flat rate (Settings -> Shipping ->New shipping method -> Flat rate). I can see that you already have such method - “Weekend Delivery (GTA Residents Only)”.

Now you’ll need to leave only this shipping method enabled in your store during weekends. All other shipping methods should be disabled manually in your control panel Then customers will see only one shipping option on checkout.

And on Monday you’ll just need to enable those other methods again.

It’s also possible to set up switching to “Weekend Delivery” automatically each Saturday - Sunday by adding custom modification code to your store. Since it might require programming skills, I’d recommend you to hire a third-party programmer for developing a code.
Also you may consider taking advantage of our custom programming service and we will develop a script for you on a paid basis. Please, submit this form and our specialists will contact you by email to discuss all the details.