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Originally Posted by NTM View Post
I am managing a store front for our non-profit orginization. we have certain items that we place orders for from time to time. for example we only place an order for t-shirts when we have at least 25 shirts requested. I want to set up a minimum or each item that will keep a running total with each customer, so with the shirts 25 different people could request one but they wont be ordered until we get that many requests. I have already figured out how to displace a minimum order amount for each item but i want the system to track how may items are ordered and display it to the customer. just like an in-stock counter but opposite. instead of counting down as people order them i want it to count up.

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately there is no such build-in functionality in Ecwid that could let you track ordered items in reversal. However as you mentioned before you can use build-in in-stock counter in your case. All you should do is to set up "shirt" product with 25 available items and rename "available" label to "of 25 available" using this custom Ecwid translation script that you should place in the source code of the page where Ecwid is installed:

ecwidMessages = {
"ProductDetails.available":"\ of 25 available)"
You can change "of 25 available" label to your own.

After this work is done your customers will see how many items were already ordered:

If you have any questions - please feel free to ask.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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