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Originally Posted by alice_schulz View Post
For accounting reasons it would be a great help to receive not only a new order notification but also the created invoice attached.

I know I can print those invoices manually in the shop, but the more orders we have the more tedious this is.

I need the PDF to get it in my accounting system. If I received it by mail, I could automatize this and save tons of time.

My name is Anastasia, Ecwid Support.

It is possible to implement your idea for the Ecwid store by developing a custom solution using Ecwid API. This will require advanced programming skills and knowledge. You can do it yourself, hire a developer or contact our customization team at They will review the task and email you the details.

It would be great if you share with us some more info on why you want to receive invoices attached to the order confirmation. What would be the best scenario for you to collect the invoices for the Ecwid orders?
Feel free to share with us any thoughts on this — our Product Management team will review them to see how to improve the sending of invoices.

By the way, I've also sent you a message to your email address associated with your Ecwid store, so we could discuss the question further.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,
Anastasia E.
Ecwid Support Team

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