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Originally Posted by Ready4You View Post
Thanks Kenga ... I see the ecwid branded App got updated (again!) yesterday ... and is now version 8.8.1 .... hopefully the App for Resellers will be updated to 8.8.1 and its new features and bug fixes, and not just to 8.8 ... (just saying!!)

Also surprised other resellers are not pushing for the bug fixes and equal features that THEY are paying for ....
Hi again!

A minor update: we could fix our internal problem blocking the release of the white-label mobile application. So the fix for the initial problem with the extra fields is on its way. Since we roll out the update of the mobile application gradually, you may get the updated version of the white-label application by Sunday (in case if we don't detect any problems).

We will notify you after the updated version of the white-label app will be available to 100% of users.

As for your second concern about the update of the Ecwid branded app:

As I understand, you're talking about our apps for iOS. Let me open up some details of our releases published in the App Store:

First, we update the branded app gradually. This process may take up to 1 week. So 100% of users will be able to download the latest version of the app within 1 week. The release happens gradually so we could make sure that the app is stable. In case if we detect any problems right after the release has been started, only a small number of our users will be affected by the issue. And we will have some time to properly check the app once again in order to find what went wrong.

Once an updated version of the branded app is successfully published in the App Store, we start to release the white-label version. This version of the app is more stable because we've already checked everything while releasing the branded app.

Also, there might be a minor delay in the release of the white-label app because we always revise the app in order to make sure that Ecwid brand is not shown anywhere by accident, for example (and many other things). We need some time for that.

Hope my explanation is clear =]

Ecwid team